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3 in 1 Digital Photography Course : Course Content

Course Outline :

i. Element of Photography (Basic Technique)

–          Introduction of Photography

–          Camera and lens types

–          Introduction ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed.

–          Camera Function


ii. Photojournalism

–          Introduction and Significance The Photojournalism

–          Photo Essays

–          Photo Sequence

–          Fine Art Photography

–          Clip Photojournalism


iii. Studio Lighting

–          Introduction Studio Lighting Equipments

–          Ratio Techniques

–          High Key and Low Key

–          Top, Back and Bottom Lighting

–          Butterfly and Background Lighting


iv. Element of Photography 2 (Composition)

–          Introduction Basic Colour Theory

–          Element of Composition

–          Colour Temperature

–          Black and White Conversion


v. Basic Studio Lighting (Advertising)

–          Glassware and Silverware

–          Loop, Spilt and Profile Lighting

–          Outdoor Lighting


vi. Adobe Photoshop Editing Tools

vii. Editing and Retouching Technique

viii. Photomontage




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